Pixelex Wallpaper - Epix 01

I haven’t posted anything like this here in a while, so it’s time to change that. :wink:

Over at the **Pixelex Designer Forum** we are having a periodical art release open to any member in the community. So far, we have had a ton of awesome entries for this particular theme which is Pixelex Wallpapers. :thumb: You can get more info at this topic here: http://www.pixelex.com/ftopic808.html

As for my entry, this is really what I wanted to share. C&C is welcome:
< UNFLUX.EPIX01 > :smiley:

If anyone would like a specific resolution of this, Just ask. :wink: Full gallery link (not completely updated yet: http://www.pixelex.com/gallery/Pixelex_Epix/

Members of kirupaForum are more than welcome to join the forum there and enter. You have until Feb 28 to get an entry into our gallery.

(P.S. Pixelex is more of an artist forum, so I don’t believe we are in direct competition with kF. However, I realize how spammish this sounds.)