PixieLand.Org's Owner on Conan O'Brien

A while back here on Kirupa Forum someone posted a link to his site. Yesterday night the owner of PixyLand.Org was on Conan O’brien.

Man, what a freak.

If you want to see it, there will probably be a re-run of Conan on Comedy Central.

That’s not the guy who dresses up as Peter Pan, is it?

(asking because pixieland.org doesn’t work).

Yeah, it is… let me find the correct URL

im confused. why was he on conan?

I have no idea why. They just talked to him/made fun of him. It was pretty funny.


not to be mean, but there is no way she is straight… but that’s halarious :lol:

lol, I was watching that last night.

to each there own, as they say


i smell fruit cake…that’s just weird…

When he was on Conan last night he was talking about how the company he works for now has him working from home… I wonder why?

that’s a him?

I thought it was an it.

lol, I was sure it was a she

Or a hermphordite.

A he/she in my opinion.

Might as well dress up like a playboy bunny and wiggle his a** :sigh:.

evolution might look cruel to some of us, but I think it’s quite good that he will probably never find a girl to make children with :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still amazed it’s a he :huh:

Wow man nothin gets by you, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes we can all hope that ‘his’ genes will remain his alone and stop there. However, I have seen some very interesting specimens that have somehow managed procreate and infest the world with multiple copies of their infinitely shallow gene pool. Just look at my town, Scrub-City, USA! Woohoo! Thanks for leavin IBM… bunch of butt-heads.

Whahaha Some people are just crazy… And the internet is finally bringing them out for all to see.

you cant thing hes 100% stupid tho ;)… he uses that site and from the money he gets from that he gives to charity… he does charity i guessed (it says on his site… and it says from the site and his charity stuff he raised over a 1000 for make a wish…) so hes not 100%… odd :wink: