Placing a flash movie within a flash movie

I’m doing an intro page for my site… in it.there’s a picutre of a tv…i’ve used snapshots to create an animated sequence to be placed inside of the tv…as if there’s somethin to watch… if i made the flash movie for the tv sequence under a different project… can i import that into my intro project to fit in the picture of the tv…because there’s action on my screens and if i make it all in one project it’ll consume too much time to synchronize both actions…help plz!

hmmm i think i figured it out b4 i even thought about it hahahaha…am i suppose to save the movie as a symbol…ad give it the mvoie clip attribute?? am i? am i?? hehehe

That is a big subject.

The idea is that you would create the content for the tv. Save it as an FLA. Then publish it as an swf.

The project that’s going to contain it will use the


method. The syntax is something like


there are some tricky nuances to this though. I would suggest that you do a search on this site using “loadMovie();” as the search string. We have gone over this in detail in a couple of posts.

If you still need help, write back.