Placing an image under 'Author' area, please help

Hi there

I’m feeling real silly now. I’ve worked out how to do a Flash footer. (the results and alteration to a tutorial I did to day) but I can’t work out how to place an image under the author area.


Go to your “User CP” and click on “Edit Options”

It will be the last option in the list. It is called “Avatar” You can use one supplied by the forum, or make your own and link to it.

PS: Nice Footer

Nice one. Why are the things in frount of us so hard to find sometimes? lol I have an idea for my avatar, needs a touch of work though, for now a bag over my head will do fine.

Thanks for the encouragment. Your footer is excellent. I would like to know how to drag that backgrounds like you have done for yours. I want to do something similar in very small project I am doing to help me learn.


Sometimes people look too hard for what is right in front of them. So they overlook it. I know I do do that a lot.

My footer is nothing but easing and if statements to keep them from scrolling off the page. I wrote 2 tutorials on easing. You can find them here…

Thanks again, I’m off to do some more learning

I wish you the best of luck:)