Plagiarism check

Hi all!

Do you check your writings for duplications? What tools do you use for that, if so?

Your message was marked as spam, Peter. Looking forward to seeing which of your colleagues will reply with some choice links to the sites/services/products to help with this :slight_smile:

“your” - used twice
“to” - used 3 times
“with” - used twice

senocular duplication services - we don’t do it twice so we don’t do it twice
$500 /hr or $1 per word + $0.50 for each duplicate found



I think this counts


Hahaha! The Simpsons had predicted so many things that ended up becoming a reality.

You can simply check via Google search. Clear your cookies & history, open incognito, hit and paste between “quotation mark”, it will appear in searches if same or similar content is published on any site/source.

We do use Plagiarism to check if any content is a copy. If anyone posts any duplicate content it easily detects by Google and confuses Google which content he should rank, on SERP. Whenever I want to check plagiarism of Content I just simply paste my content on duplichecker. And run the scanner and it alerts me if any sentence of my content is copied.