Platform Engine w/ "Camera Zoom" conflicts

Hello again, Kirupa… it’s been a while. I’m in need of the forum’s help once again… I’m having what looks like scripting conflicts in both MX and MX2004. Here’s what I have…

I have a platformer script involving gravity and platforms… and it seems to mess up when I include a “zoom” script where the “camera” keeps focus on two objects at the same time. The setup:

Main Stage-> Game Movie Clip -> Level Movie Clip (Zoom Script) -> Character Clip (Gravity Script)

Zoom Script:

this.onEnterFrame = function() {
	totalscalex = (55000/{{(Math.max( char1._x, char2._ x)+ 100)-(Math.min(char1._ x,
	totalscaley = (40000/{{(Math.max( char1._y, char2._y)+50)-(Math.min( char1._y,
	_x = -{{(Math.min(char1._x, char2._x)-100)* _xscaIe/100);
	_y = -{{(Math.min(char1._y, char2._y)-150)* _xscale/100);
	_parent.veryback._x = _x*.25;
	_parent.veryback_y = _y*.25;
	_parent.back._x = _x*.5;
	_parent.back_y = _y*.5;
	_parent.veryback._xscale = 50+ _xscaIe*.25;
	_parent.veryback_Yscale = 50+ _yscale*25;
	_parent.back._xscaIe = 50+ _xscaIe*.5;
	_parent.back._yscale = 50+ _yscale*. 5; 
	_xscale = Math.min(totalscalex, totalscaley);
	_yscale = Math.min(totalscalex, totalscaley);

And the gravity script is long story… however if any of you need any more details I’ll be glad to share as soon as I can get a hold of a copy of my own script (I’m not on my home computer)