Platform Game: Tile or Art-based?

I’m planning to create a side-scrolling platform game (doing the art and ActionScripting myself), I would like to know if it’s better to make the levels art-based or tile-based? Which is better and why?

If it makes any difference, I would like to have dynamically loading graphics (i.e. backgrounds are loaded/unloaded when off-screen), interactive objects (objects that activate when in proximity), and the character sprite would be bigger than the tiles (if tiles are used).

I would ideally like to create this using AS3. I have experience creating a side-scrolling spaceship game with a looping background (does not dynamically load).

I’m already aware of tutorials for either type of game, but I couldn’t really find anything comparing them.

Thanks for any help. :slight_smile:

Edit: I was also thinking of having a save/load function (my game will be a standalone exe/app, not web-based). Are there any examples of this? If not, that’s okay.