Play a movie backwards

is there any way to play a movie backwards? it may sound wierd, but i really want to do it. any actionscript actions that can do this?


hmmm, that only plays one frame backwards doesn’t it?. Adding onto vip3r’s question, how would you do it if you want the movie to play through once and then play backwards, then forwards, then backwards (or something along those lines)?

I personally don’t need to know, but since the question was brought up, I figured I would ask.

well, i don’t need it to go through that many times :). when somebody clicks a button, i want an object to move somewhere. i figure i would put that in every frame in the animation? like this:

{ prevframe()
} else {// do nothing. if it is moving forward, it is playing. }

forgot to say thanx for helping!
btw, if i add that to everyfram, would that kinda hurt the loading time and speed of the animation? it is getting preloaded, so speed doesn’t really matter that much to me, but still…

doesn’t need to go on every frame … in fact you should get errors if you put that code in a frame.

it goes “on” a movie. select a movie (one click - don’t edit it), and put the code in the actions window.

ok, thank a lot!!! :slight_smile:

Hey Vip3r, I found this on

Check This Out

It has a way to reverse your movie from a button with any specified amount of frames you want. It may come in handy for you. It only works for Flash MX though.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

thanx a lot!!! it works, and its really kewl, now i don’t have to move it all into a mc anymore thanx, a lot!

No problem, glad to of been able to help :slight_smile: