Play movieclip

[size=6]Hello ![/size] :slight_smile:

I wonder a thing:
When i press down button 1 the movieclip “effect” will gotoAndPlay(2).
After that, i press down button 2, then will “effect” gotoAndPlay(40) then gotoAndPlay(2), but ONLY do gotoAndPlay(40) if any button before is pressed down.
It should be something like this on each button… (im not so good at AS :()

[color=red]//if effect is already have gone frame 2,then do gotoAndPlay(40), then gotoAndPlay(2)[/color]

Please help me ! I dont know how i can explain this is you guys dont understand. (even not with a file)

1 more thing too…

I have a Movieclip (text_mitt) with a 5 frames, each frame have different textboxes in it.
I use the code on button 1;


I use the code on button 2;

[color=black]And so on… but it dont work, i wonder if i need to do it global or something like that? (i have the movieclip in another movieclip)[/color]