Play/pause toggle help pls

Hello! I need a little help getting a toggle button to work properly.

I have the following code for a custom btn to play/pause toggle a video I have loaded. The only thing is that its not working… I can get it to play and pause but I cant get it to resume playing. It just keeps being paused even after I press the playBtn.

//btns added to stage in code not shown
playBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, playPauseVideo)
pauseBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, playPauseVideo)
public function playPauseVideo (event:MouseEvent):void {
if (player.playing) {
if (player.paused) player.pause();
else player.pause();
playBtn.visible = player.paused;
playBtn.visible = !player.paused;

  }else{"video.f4v", 60, false);
      pauseBtn.visible = true;
      playBtn.visible = false;


can u pls give me a hand?