Play twice then stop?

My movie has several movie clips each on it’s own layer. The main timeline is one frame long. How would I have my entire movie play twice and then stop?

:q::q: thanks in advance :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

hmm… try this code on your movie clip.

put a blank keyframe over the stopping point you would like in the playing movie. Name that keyframe “stop”.

on your movie, you could put


Now, on the last frame of your mc (just above it, to do it correctly) Insert another blank keyframe to put actions in, and put this in the actions for that frame:


finally, on your main timeline, in frame 1, put


that should do it.

thank you for your code. I have four movieclips each 210 frames long.

The maintimeline is only one frame. Are you suggesting that I put this code in each movieclip timeline?

Also, are you suggesting that “_root.timesplayed++?” be on the 211th frame in it’s own layer named actions (since the “stop” frame label will be the 210th)

or are you saying “_root.timesplayed++” should be in frame 210

OR, if i’m wrong and you meant the code for the main timeline, should all this code and labeling be in frame 1 or are you saying to make a frame 2. ?

thanks again for the help

well since you want the movie clips to play twice then stop you would put the code in the timelines of the movieclips

instead of ‘_root.timesplayed’ try putting just ‘timesplayed’

put this in the 210th Frame

if(timesplayed == 2){