Playable area

Hello all.

I am trying to figue out how to make a movie play in certain boundries of the screen. Like the one at where the balls, and movie only plays inside the black area. How is this done?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hey taskhill,
That is basically a mask. A mask is when portions of your movie are confined to the size of your “mask” object. For an example of a mask, visit the following URL:

That should help you out.

Kirupa :rambo:

looks like he/she used attachmovie clip or loadmovie and used globalcoordinates for the movie.

mymovie._x =
mymovie._y =

check out description of localtoglobal in your help file… it will show more. If you need extra help, let us know.

um… yah, Kirupa… that too :slight_smile: