can you explain what each thing means? like where the instance names are and what the labels are? thx

copy and paste this text into flash. The reserved words will be highlighted in blue

[AS]if(_root.bullet.hitTest( {“death”);

If the ‘bullet’ instance located on the _root timelime collides with the ‘moster’ instance on the _root timeline then go play frame label ‘death’ within the ‘monster’ movie clip.

That is pretty much what that script does, being as I cannot see your movie I don’t exactly know everything that is going on, but I think I am right on this one, actually I am quite positive. :wink:

‘death’ is a frame label. You can either label your frames or use the actual frame numbers like:

They pretty much explained it buddy :slight_smile:

playamarz :player:

thx guys

“Scene=Scene 1 copy, Layer=hotdogman, Frame=1: Line 1: Statement must appear within on/onClipEvent handler

i named my monster movie clip as “monster” as the instance name, i named the label death. so why do i get this msg? o and i put the script on the monster

You put the script on a frame instead of a movie clip, but the script above doesn’t have to be on an event handler so I have no clue how you even got that error. . . .

Posting the .fla would work best if you were able to, if not no big deal!

k, heres a little example i made, but it does not work, maybe someone could modify it to work?

here’s my attempt at it. I’ve put the hittest actionscript in the monster MC and re-arranged your scripting for the timeline of the monster MC. So when the bullet hits the monster it will play the death scene.

k, the error mesg is gone now, but when i click the circle it still does not play the movie clip.