Playing 8 video files after each others?

Hi, hope the Title is correct, had trouble defining the problem with my bad english…

I’m creating a flash webbsite, there is 8 buttons… each loading a new video into a MC. all movies are streamed using progressively downloading.

vid01.onRelease = function() {
loadMovie("videoIntro.swf", contentVideo_mc);
vid02.onRelease = function() {
loadMovie("video1230.swf", contentVideo_mc);
vid03.onRelease = function() {
loadMovie("video0830.swf", contentVideo_mc);
vid04.onRelease = function() {
loadMovie("video0630.swf", contentVideo_mc);
vid05.onRelease = function() {
loadMovie("video0430.swf", contentVideo_mc);
vid06.onRelease = function() {
loadMovie("video0425.swf", contentVideo_mc);
vid07.onRelease = function() {
loadMovie("video0420.swf", contentVideo_mc);
vid08.onRelease = function() {
loadMovie("videoKfind.swf", contentVideo_mc);

Everything works, perfect.

Now my client wants a 9th button that will start by playing the intro video (videoIntro.swf) and then continue with the next video when it’s done, and the next… untill the last movie (videoKfind.swf) is played.

Now i’m abit clueless here, where do I start. Anyone got any good advice?

I figure i could allways do a if function, that cycles true all the movies one by one, but how do flash (actionscript) read when the movie is ended and the next should start?

And I could allways do it the long boring way and render all the video into on BIG file, and then just implent it like any of the other 8 buttons.

You guys are the flash guru’s, what is the BEST professional way to do it?

best regards Daniel