Playing a sound

I’m having problems using dynamically-defined wav files using XML. What I do is that I put the sound path (“cow.wav”) as an attribute in my XML file, and then try to play it as mentionned in under the section entitled “[font=Arial][size=2]How to Load an External MP3 Dynamically as a Sound Object[/size][/font]”.

I trace my sound variable, and it gives cow.wav as a result. The problem is, when we want to play sounds, we use my_sound.loadSound(“url”, isStreaming). As you can see in here, url is between quotes. I think this is why I cannot play the sound, because it looks for cow.wav and not “cow.wav”…

So what do I do to “add quotes to the sound”? Is it done in AS? Is it done as every value of the XML file? Any help or link is appreciated!