Playing FLV video backwards and slow?

I managed to make a controller that can play embedded-video-SWF’s in “slow-motion” (1/2 speed, 1/4 speed) and in reverse at different speeds.

What I’d actually like to do, is something similar, but then with FLV’s. I am trying to use the NetStream.pause() as a toggle onEnterFrame, but that doesnt work. Using seek doesn’t seem to work either, because it kind of doesn’t like non-integers and also for an unknown reason keeps sending the playhead to 4 seconds. (Well, probably some bug of mine, and not the main issue here.)

My main question is if it should be possible to play an FLV at a different speed/reversed, how to do this, and if this should cause performance issues.
(Reverse-playing an SWF is much slower for example)


try converting the file to SWF. Then If you need FLV, try converting it back. Hmm. I wonder… It might not work.

Thanks for you r reply, but the point here is to work straight with the FLV. (It already works with SWFs, I just want the advantages of the FLV)
Of course I could make separate slow and reversed FLVs, but the user has to have control over the timelime. It’s like the jog-control that VCRs have. So switching files is not an option. (For my SWF example check

Turns out seek(x) only jumps to keyframes. That’s why it jumps to 4 seconds all the time. So unless it’s possible to somehow tweak the framerate of a NetStream object, I don’t think this is going to be possible. Nice feature for MX2006 maybe? :slight_smile:

Anyone know a trick to tweak the playbackspeed of an FLV?