Playing Mc`s

I have this problem, I made a test flash movie, and an mc inside it, the mc has a stop(); in the first frame, and a stop(); in the last frame, On the first frame of the _root I have put a command to start the mc playing ( _root.Display.gotoAndPlay(2); ), But it just goes to the 2nd frame and stops.

In years past I am sure that I just used _root.Display.gotoAndPlay(2); but now it does not work. The only two ways to make it work are putting a play(); in the 2nd frame of the mc or putting the _root.Display.gotoAndPlay(2); in a function and a setInterval(Time, 10); to make it work.

Has anyone got any Idea`s I am getting stumped on this, yes I have two work-arounds but I am sure in years past I just used _root.Display.gotoAndPlay(2);

I have put my test Movie in the zip below.