Playing sub clips

I have masked part of an animation that has two seprate key frames for the animation. Each new key frame repeats the masked animation.

So when the clip starts to move the masked animation proceeds, then when the clip stops the animation starts over again.

I am new to actionscript and have tried a few different ways to trigger the maksed animation to start/stop without any success.

Could I use som _root.ani.start(); or _root.ani.go(); or something like that triggered from a keyframe action on the main timeline.

I tried without success, but if it is good way to make it work I’ll try it again.


Can you post your fla. I’m a bit shattered that’s probably why I’m not getting what you’re saying, but if you post your fla. I (or hopefully someone) will go through it.

i think the thing your looking for is and _root.blah.stop()…the start action is included in flash but its only for sounds :slight_smile: