Playing with balls and lines :)

hi to all

for the first time, i’m trying to use dinamically created lines with as3

this is the project i’m working on

the main ideia was for the balls to be linked bu the lines, and when a ball moves, the lines should move accordingly to its movement. it’s already working almost as i want it to, but still, as you can see, usually, the lines move even with the balls stopped.
for this action i have the following code inside an enterFrame event
for (var i:Number=0; i<mainMenu_mc.lines_mc.numChildren; i++) {



as you can see, i use the x and y from the balls to redraw each line therefore, that “strange line movement” shouldn’t happen. Can someone give a hint on this?

another thing,
is there a way to make my lines smoother? i’m already switching pixelHinting to true…
i tried another thing that almost worked. i used a blur, but the lines got to much thick.

thanks for all the help