Please Awnser

How would i make a game, like a snake game, were when you get a ball it adds it too your body?

Search around buddy there’s lots of tutorials around on games like that…

Yea, i have serched found nothing.

Please, use better titles for your threads next time. Meaningful titles.
Also, have you checked the Game/AI Programming forum?

No, and i hate when my topic is my question.
and why would i ask there?

No, and i hate when my topic is my question.
and why would i ask there?

think that might be the reason why ur title is PLEASE ANSWER, did u get ur answer?

Your title should be something more related to your question because when others search the forums, it’s easier for them to know which thread to go into by what is put on the title. :slight_smile:

IF i got my awnser smart one, i wouldnt be replying with this “Reply”.

I’m saying if others want to look up something in the forum then it would be easier for them to know what this thread would contain if you put a title that is related to the topic.

I simply gave you an advice. By the way, there’s a sticky thread called “Please read before posting”. If you had read that, my advice wouldn’t be needed.

I wonder why you haven’t received any positive feedback… :sigh:

hmm… searched eh? well it didn’t seem very hard on google

the one I listed was the second one, that was difficult?

and yeah, please name your threads next time, it’s just a simple courtesy.

did that do what you wanted?

I’d assume it did because he didn’t reply :wink:

good point… well, he didn’t seem very nice, and he didn’t search very well… didn’t seem very hard :wink: