Please Critique My 3D Drawing...Need Tips/Tutorial Links

Hi everyone,

I am developing a website that will be somewhat like a 3D sale shoe store. However, the actual store doesn’t exist, so I have been taking photos and chopping/distorting them in Photoshop to create the visuals. It’s pretty challenging, and here is what I have so far…

With Perspective Lines:
Without Perspective Lines:

I figured out how to make perspective lines, but I’m having trouble creating realistic depth and dimension. It’s still quite early, but I’m afraid of ending up with an image that looks like a bunch of photoshopped parts put together.

Trying to scale the images is also difficult. I am thinking of possibly creating a miniature model of the scene and then blowing it up and working off that.

How would you go about this type of task? If you were asked to create a 3D store from scratch, what would be your process?

I just checked, and I may end up trying out Bryce or Carrera…does anyone have experience with these? Which one is better?

If anyone has done anything like this or any sort of similar 3D landscape/scene, I would really appreciate any tips or advice.

Or just any tips, tutorial links, advice, etc. would be great.

Best Regards,