Please evaluate my actionscript skills :) :)

Finally! actionscript! done by myself!

For the firs time ever I have created a working game engine, and it was all self designed… I didn’t base it off a tutorial or anything… and the best part is, it works! IT WORKS!!!

course for you script masters you could probably do this in two minutes, but hey… ya gotta start somewhere.

well here it is:

I’m still far from finished though…

any comments suggestions pointers etc?

note the game is hosted on newgrounds, and some of the links on that page may lead to naughty stuff. Just click the one at the top called “play this game”


omg WoW this is so cool!
I remember a similar game called Hugo (no, not the famous one with the unreal creatures and stuff). But that wasn’t done with flash…
Nice going there buddy! :slight_smile:

That’s sweet. I had a couple of little things worked out like this… but never completed anything.

I seem to be a bone head… I can’t get the combination to work right. I’m assuming I have the right numbers… they are the only ones I’ve found in the game. :slight_smile:

I couldn’t get the password to work either. It is a good game though, from what I did get to.

Nice skillz:)

Hmm quite a situation… half the people are completely stumped, while others scold me for making it easy enough for a five year old…


the numbers are 12,15,12

under the lockbox entries it is written X + X

there were three problems: 3x4, 7-6, and 7+8

so you do the answer to the multiplication (X) the addition (+) and the multiplication again (X)


I feel like a fool. I am an avid RPG player and I couldn’t figure that out.

hmm… well I got two out of three… ah well. Good puzzle though. Now put in more avenues that branch out in different directions and we’ll be getting somewhere. Liniar choose your own adventures can get tedious quickly.

I haven’t played it since, I will tomorrow though.

Looks very cool so far. I like the elm streert story being a fan of the movies. I really liked the bathroom with the working blood plumbing.

Yeah there’s definitely a bunch to do, as there will be other paths to take (to some extent)

lostinbeta, you might not want to bother playing again, the end is pretty much right after that puzzle.

Thanks guys!