Please Help a newbie (about loading images in to movieclip array)

This is a project for studying, and I am close to the end but now i am having no solution for doing this.

I read the image gallery from a xml file.

then add the thumbnail images of the gallery into a moviclips I call thumbBar. Each thumbnail image (a movieclip) has a loading state, waiting for the loader to finish loading the thumbnail image, after finish it will change the loading state into diplaying the thumbnail image.

But i really don;t know how to do this in AS3, I did try using array. My code is below but it returned with error.

private function BuildThumb() {

   var imagesCount:uint =[currentGallery].image.length();
   var folder:String =[currentGallery][email protected];
    for (var i:uint = 0 ; i < imagesCount ; i++ ) {
     var thumb:ThumbLoader = new ThumbLoader();
     var thumbImageLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
     var path:URLRequest  = new URLRequest(folder + "\\" +[currentGallery].image*[email protected]);
     thumbImageLoader.load(path );
     thumbImageLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, ThumbImageLoaded);
     thumb.thumbImage.visible = false ;
     thumb.x = 5.3 + 45 * i;
     thumb.y = 5.3 ;
  private function ThumbImageLoaded(evt:Event) {

//I don' t know where to go from here   


The ThumbLoader is the MovieClip having preloader and a child symbol name thumbImage to store the loaded image.

Please anyone show me the way out in doing this.