!Please help! Adding a hyperlink

Hi, I use Flash MX 2004 v 7.0 and for some ungodly reason, besides the fact that i’m a noob and not Uber smart, i cannot add a hyperlink to any objects (i have 7 of them) I can getUrl and get it to open, but what i want is to be able to click on the object and have it open in a new window. I know this sounds so simple to you all, but i have read tons of tutorials (apparently not enough) and still can’t do it. I will send you the flash for your perusal, but honestly, i am very new at this and would really like to learn but you would have to break it down barney style for me. If you want the flash email me, [email protected] or yahoo messenger iskiinverted
Serioiusly, Thanks for any help with this