Please help. Array - Looping problem

allLinks.push(new Link(s1[0], s1[1], s1[2], s1[3]));
allLinks.push(new Link(s2[0], s2[1], s2[2], s2[3]));
// seems to be a pattern here ??, would be nice to loop this…
My attempt to try to simplify this problem[AS] for(i=0;i<5;i++){
addNew = (new Link(s+i[0], s+i[1], s+i[2], s+i[3]));
allLinks*= addNew;}

I would like to populate ‘allLinks’ with objects ‘s’. However I have been unsuccessfull in my attempts. I need this loop to work for a a large number of items so I dont really want to have to add each individual item.

I have no more ideas, i’ve tried just about everything I know. Even checked out these forums for this type of problem, with no luck.

I would like to make it as simple as possible.

Thanks in Advance.
Anthony - BVision.