Please Help - Developing an application with full functionality %(

Helloo! Please can you help me?!
I need to make a “program-presentation”, which should look like an ordinary program (made with the help of for ex. in C++.Net), but it should be done using Flash %). (The file is *.exe.) I need this flash presentation to have normal caption “Sample Program”, menu and buttons “minimize” and “close”. Problems are:

  1. Is it possible to make so, that it has the caption NOT “Flash Payer 7.0”, but custom application name “Sample Program”? And how to be with buttons “minimise” and “close”?

  2. how to make everything in every mode (fullscreen\ not full screen) closed, when user pushes any button ?

  3. when I load content for “Tree” component from xml with cyrillic, tree becomes empty (with english everything is ok)… Have already looked through tutorial, it doesnt help %((

5)is it possible simply to use *.swf files in some development studios for example 2003 or Borland Delphi or…?? I mean symply start playing *.swf there like *.avi & etc?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: