PLEASE HELP! External .swf loaded, but does not show up!

I followed this tutorial on here for making a reusable actionscript preloader (link: [ ionscript/moviecliploader.htm]( ionscript/moviecliploader.htm)). Works fine when loading a .jpg, but when attempting to load a .swf it doesn’t work. It says it’s loaded, but the .swf doesn’t play!!! In fact, the .swf doesn’t even show up!!! Is there some code I need to add to make a .swf play when loaded? Here’s the code which went into a frame in the actions layer. It’s the exact same code as in the source example for the tutorial, I just chopped out the buttons part of the code, and the fade in part and replaced the jpg URL, with my .swf URL. Sorry if it’s really simple, I’m not an expert at AS.

bar._visible = false;
border._visible = false;
var empty = this.createEmptyMovieClip(“container”, “100”);
empty._x = 0;
empty._y = 0;
my_mc = new MovieClipLoader();
preload = new Object();
preload.onLoadStart = function(targetMC) {
trace("started loading "+targetMC);
container._alpha = 0;
bar._visible = true;
border._visible = true;
pText._visible = true;
preload.onLoadProgress = function(targetMC, lBytes, tBytes) {
bar._width = (lBytes/tBytes)*100;
pText.text = “% “+Math.round((lBytes/tBytes)*100);
preload.onLoadComplete = function(targetMC) {
border._visible = false;
bar._visible = false;
dText._visible = false;
trace(targetMC+” finished”);
//default image
my_mc.loadClip(“”, “container”);