Please help i hate a fresh canvas

this site is 100% up to me… sometimes i like a little more constraint, but this is what i got after today, i have abstract pizza shop images for each menu item and what not that will change… let me know what you all think. thanks


uh you have no link… and my psychic powers are out of wack cause its raining ;D


That’s cool! only thing is the pizza boxes kinda remind me of marzipan

I don’t think that font (Our Pizza Factory offers…) works… and the text on the bottom is hard to read, add a drop-shadow or change the color. Other than that, good start.

Hey really cool Lay-out off to a good start…

2 cirtic points:

  • I had a hard time find the menu, It actually took me more then 0.3 seconds to find the menu.
  • The Pizza boxen stand out really good. But the text (Our Piza Factory…) is not in focus. It really looks like decoration Not Information.

I’m going to ahead and give this

wich is good… Because It’s only one page… I’ll up the score when you done.

thanks for the comments all i hope to get some headway this weekend… ill repost allong the way

i like the abstract photo(s) but is it really conductive to selling pizza. i realize that you probably wont sell it like groceries off the site but when i look at the site i see a great site that is very appealing to graphic designers, photographers, and artists but not a very strong marketing umph for the consumer. the average joe wants to see a pizza, or toppings, or the store front so that he can get the expected image of a pizza. while i love the abstract box i dont think it is the best image to lead off with.

nice layout but the font doesnt work, good start :slight_smile: