Please Help Me Convert My Simple Math Equation Into AS


Please bear with me and my math - I haven’t done much math other than calculating tips in years.

I have five simple equations that I need help converting to ActionScript. I’m making a small “calculator” that takes input from the user and displays a number representing the result of the equation. They’re two sets of equations: 1) three-scenario fee calculator to compare the annual costs (X) of renting versus buying equipment; 2) comparison of two rental plans. The numbers entered need to stay the same - the alphabets represent what the user will input. The equations are as follows:
Scenario 1:
X = ([A – F] / G) + H + I + J + (K x 12) + ([L / N] x M)
Scenario 2:
X = ([B – F] / G) + ([E x C] / G) + H + I + J + (K x 12) + ([L / N] x M)
Scenario 3:
X = (D / G) + (E x 12) + H + I + J + (K x 12) + ([L / N] x M)

Plan Y = 60 + [(R x 12) x P x Q x $0.45] + ([(R x 12) x P x $6.95)
Plan Z = 240 + [(R x 12) x P x Q x $0.39] + ([(R x 12) x P x $4.95)

I’ve looked at my resources at hand, but my brain just shuts down when I see numbers and letters representing numbers. I do speak three languages fluently, so I (think) I make up for it.

My problem is that I can’t figure out how to properly assign the correct order of events (brackets first, etc) in ActionScript to reflect the equations above.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and I thank you in advance for your time.

Thank you!