Please help me! I want to use XML!

Hi fellow flash… people, :rambo:

I have some experience with flash but am not very good with scripting (i.e: I don’t understand it v well)

I want to create a section for the top of my web site where by the flash movie has text in.

When I update the text I want to not have to upload the WHOLE swf file again, I want to use XML.

I saw someone use it on their site and it looks great, it would save me a lot of time too.

My question to you is, how to I make a flash movie that has a bit of code in that when I upload a seperate xml file the falsh movie displays it. Embedded.

Please, be very clear and simple in your help as I’ll otherwise need more help on how to do the thing you said!

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps!!!

Adam the animator (and not very gud in Flash actionscript!):cowboy:

if I can, I’ll answer as soon as I can, but it might take me a while. There have been a number of people interested in this type of thing in the past, and I really haven’t gotten around to writing up something on the subject yet.

ugg… so many things to do, so little time.