Please help me in load URL fuction!

hi, i’m working on a freelance project and something is not working. how can i tell a button to load a URL(another flash movie) and go to a specific frame in it?

deadline is coming up, help plz!!

use loadmovie();

check your help for description, if you run into problems, let us know.


this is what i am trying to do, in detail…

i have a original fla movie, A, which is embedded in a html page. within A, i created a button to have another fla movie, B appear in a new window. that wasn’t a problem.
but i am having trouble to make the button go to a specific frame in B.
can i still use loadmovie() to do this?

I don’t think you can jump to a specific frame inside a completely different .swf file. The button for which you are trying to do must be located inside .swf B.

Well, I think it can be done (with mx anyway, and also as long as both movies reside in the same domain), but it would involve passing a variable between two swfs.

But how it’s done is beyond me at the moment. :frowning: I’ve never tried it, so can’t help out much further. Passing variables between movies is actually a trick I’ve been meaning to look into - the first place to look into it would be here and other flash resource sites as well as macromedia.

Good luck.

Check the best of Kirupa, there are links for js functions you can use in Flash.

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