Please Help Me Out! (Newbie)

How can I upload my .fla or .swf images froom Flash 5 to the net???

Are their ways I must do it or just certain sites I should choose. Please Help Me… Thx

1/publish settings:check swf and html, publish
2/open the html in editor, edit to set page’s title and no borders/margins around the swf
3/use an ftp client such as cute ftp or other to upload both (not the fla), you’ll need your user name and password, read the help in the ftp software of your choice and post back if you need more help…

I still dont get it… I mean, upload it anywhere on the net…

There’s no “anywhere on the net” :slight_smile:
You need to get an account , means sign up for a free host like multimania (do a search on Google for free web hosting), so you get an account set up with some so-called “webspace”, with an associated username and password, which will allow you to upload your stuff there…how much do you know about the whole business?

you could also try just get some free webspace! then upload all your files…

I know how to upload @#%$ but when I do it it wont work. If i use my or account can I just upload a file in the .swf format and be able to post it?? Or do I have to convert to .gif ?

Help Me Plz…

When you publish, there’s a .swf and a basic HTML page generated. This page contains the basic code to display the animation. Upload both the HTML and the .swf file, and bingo.

Btw, uploading the .swf only works too.

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