Please help me... please please

I was on this site (very cool site) and i saved the html page to my hard drive to figure out how he did the layout.

There are 5 swf’s i think, middle, top, left, right bottom, the top, bottom, left and right all resize horizontally and vertically to fill round the middle swf.

I’ve tried to recreate this in dreamweaver but it never works the same, but if i use that guys ^^ page as a template it works…
Any idea how i would be able to do the layout in dreamweaver without using his html page as a starting point?

thanx alot, its probably really simple but i’m new to this.

PS whats the difference between Flash and Shockwave ? are they just different types of file the flash creates ?
thanx for any help,

cheerio :slight_smile:

<FRAMESET ROWS=“100%,*” = just 2 frames: 1 at 100% with flash, 1 empty; swf scales 2 fit

wow, well if no-one knows the answer to those questions…

How do i go about centring a rectangular SWF in a page so it stays in the centre on different browser resolutions? I use dreamweaver.

Come on please help, i never have any luck in forums.

There’s only 1 swf here. If you want to center the movie, there’s a center tag. Simple as that.

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I build tables and then set the edge rows and columns to %'s of the total, then I place the SWF in the center of the table. It works pretty well in dreamweaver.

Where the f… did my post go?
I answered this before, but the post somehow disappeared!?
Anyway, as ilyas said, it’s just one swf, the structure is a frameset with one frame at 100% containing the swf at 100%, the other frame is empty. This allows you to display always the same URL, and also to get rid of the scrollbars. The swf being vectors, it will scale to adapt to any window size.