Please Help me, Satelite Migraine

Oh My God, I just got satelite like 2 days ago cuz it’s the only piece of poo high speed that i can get out here in cowville. now, it’s supposed to be about 500k dl/ 80k ul. well, browsing is okish, it’s not that fast, but it’s not horrible. ok, it’s not really that good, but it’s better then 56k. anyway. if i use my ftp or Ventrilo ( a talking program) my speeds are just horrendous, i download at like 10k and upload at like 1k. it’s awful. i have sattelite > router > computer. i know it’s not my router or my computer so it has to be something with the satellite. my signal strength is fine, it’s in the 90’s. i’ve never had this b4, but i’ve looked up some info and found that you can’t really tweak anything. if any of you have any experience/advise/blah blah, i’d appreciate it. I have a 30 day evaluation period and if i cant get things smoothed out, then i’m cancelling it, and i’ll really be up sh!t’s creek without a paddle.