Please help me with non cache browser swf file questions

I have been Googling for last few days and have not been able to solve the problem of preventing browser from loading cached version of files.

I created a sample folder for you to download and see what I want to achieve.
You can download the folder (73KB) here-

[SIZE=2]*It’s completely safe to download, please ignore the annoying pop up ads. I signed up for free service hence the ads. *[/SIZE]

So in the folder start with index.html.

1- There you will see >Enter Button< and >portfolio.pdf< button. Nothing will change on index.html page but the portfolio pdf will be regularly updated. So I want the >portfolio.pdf< to fetch the latest pdf always and not cached version. What do i need to do? I assume the code will go on the** >portfolir.pdf<** button?

2- >Enter Button< will take us to master.html page which contains master.swf. Master.html is only a container but master.swf will be regularly updated and needs to always load the latest **master.swf **version. How do I make sure that user sees the latest **master.swf? **

3- Load image.swf button will load** image.swf**. I want the button to load the latest** image.swf** file always. So i assume some code will have to go on Loadimage.swf button?

People online gave me some tips but I have not been able to successfully implement it :hurt:
Could someone take couple of minutes and add the code the correct way to achieve the 3 things I am trying to do then I would be ETERNALLY grateful!
Or please tell me how to do it.

[FONT=Arial]If you don’t have an upload method to pass me the edited files then feel free to mail them to-[/FONT][FONT=Arial] [email protected]

[FONT=Arial]I hope someone replies. Thanks for helping me with your valuable time![/FONT] I am really stuck and this is stopping me from finishing my work. Waiting patiently.

Tina :bear: