Please help me!


I am new to Flash and I want to do something that I thought was simple, but I cannot figure it out. I appreciate it if anyone can please help me. I have Flash MX 2004.

What I need is not very complicated for an advanced user, but I am a beginner.

I need to make a couple of simple pages for children that will have a few pictures and numbers. I need for example, to have one page where an orange appears on the screen after about one second, then a plus sign appears after another second or 2, then another orange. As these pictures appear, a voice will say, “if you have one orange, and then add another orange, how many orange do you have?”. On the right will be three choices, 2 with the wrong answer and one with the correct answer. WHen someone clicks on these choices, there will be one sound for the wrong answers, and another sound for the correct answer.

I hope you can all understand me.

So…how do I make the oranges and plus signs appear with the words I wrote above when each orange or plus sign appear, and then how do I create the 3 graphics links with the sounds on mouseclick.

I tried HELP, but I do not know what to call the images I need to pop up. Is this an animation? A motion tween? I don’t neccesarily need them to move, just to appear on the screen a few seconds apart.

PLEASE HELP ME, I am trying for a couple of days and just don’t understand how to do this. I am not getting paid for this, I am helping a person who needs this to help small children.

If anyone can help, please email me at [email protected].