Please Help, Motion Editor Easing Problem

I’m having trouble with the Motion Editor. I’m working on a Flash banner in AS2, publishing to Flash Player 8.

I have a movie clip whose timeline I right-click and select ‘Create Motion Tween.’ I move position the playhead later in the timeline and move the movie clip down about 200 pixels. I add a Spring easing and assign it to the movie clip’s Y property. Something weird happens- the animation jumps down to the next Y keyframe without springing. The green dashed easing line in the track does not look like the spring easing formula either. It looks like the formula for the spring is being clipped…the whole wave shape seems to be above the track (if that makes sense)…see image, below. I’ve reduced the spring amount to 1 and to 0…but even that does not help…it does not restore the spring. This is for a deadline tomorrow, so if you can, PLEASE please help.