Please help! Swf2 to load mcs saved in Swf1 array?

I am pulling my hair out and getting desparate here…! :red:

Basically, I have an interface file, which allows the user to drag mc’s onto the stage and save their xy position in accordance to a position on a timeline. For example, mc1 is at x50, y50 at timeline position 1.

I am using an array to save all parameters. When the user is finished they can click play to view an animation of the mc’s moving about the stage.

I want a button which will somehow save this animation into an external swf. This swf needs to be independent as it will be loaded onto a website.

I have tried to figure this out in many ways. I am new to actionscript but slowlly getting there.

I have looked into using a shared object, to save the xy positions etc which are then loaded into the swf2. The problem with this, is the swf2 is dependent on the SO plus the SO is temporary. I need to be able to hand swf2 over to the guy to put on his website.

I have also looked into using an intermediate .as code file. I have worked out how to put an mc onto swf2 using the graphic held in the interfaces library. I started working out how to click a button on the interface swf which then attaches the mc into swf2… but then I realised swf2 still isnt independent.

Now I am completely pulling my hair out. This thing is due soon and I am out of ideas.

Failing everything I thought I could just use a capturing software to record the animation as it plays… but with all the time I have spent on this and how far I have come in actionscript it is annoying that I cant work this out.

Any help would be much appreciated