Please help: Transition preloader!


sorry to write with such urgency, but I cannot find a solution to an issue I’m having.

I’ve designed a site usng the transition tutorial, where you have a main stage and then content loaded into a movie clip with a dynamic transition and preloader between loading clips.

My problem is as follows: one of the .swf’s I’m loading into the “content” movie clip on the stage has a random script which is designed to load a random background image. As the images are large in file size, the preloader only calculates the size of the .swf WITHOUT the random JPEG loaded. So in other words, the preloader is WAY underestimating the size of the .swf and on slower connections is “closing” way too early, leaving a blank background until the rest of the loading image has cached. Looks tacky and on slower connections, someone may think the file is broken and will move on. Not good.

I cannot think of any way to get around this…is there a way to get a preloader to take into account the file size of sub-loaded movie clips that are inside of the .swf that is loading???

No one answered before so PLEASE can someone help. Even if it’s just a link to a tutorial.