Please Help! (Unload Text)


I am using Kirupa’s guide

I have successfully created all the external content and it is being loaded perfectly! Here is where I am having difficulty. In my main timeline I have five buttons. Audio - Video - Security- Networking - Misc. each button when clicked refers to a movieclip called linksMC. here is the exact code on the buttons

on (release){
on (release){
 } etc etc

So that works just fine, it goes to the specific area in linksMC, each section “audioLinks, videoLinks, etc” has the following code.

loadText = new LoadVars();
loadText.onLoad = function() {
	btn01.text = this.btn01;
	btn02.text = this.btn02;
	btn03.text = this.btn03;
	btn04.text = this.btn04;
	btn05.text = this.btn05;

Once again, it loads the text fine, the problem is when I click the “Audio” link all the buttons are the correct ones, but when I click the “video” button , all the text is still being loaded from audioMain.txt (even though each button goes to a differen’t frame) I was thinking maybe each time a button is hit it will unload the text before loading the new text? Any ideas? I will try to put a sample FLA together. Thank you!