Please help

does anyone know how you would go about making a button like the ones at i know how to make the effect using tweening n that, i was just wondering if there is a code or something to simplify it all rather than making loads of MC’s…

hope you can help, thanks…:slight_smile:

Those buttons dont really use tweening - they are scripted. To get that bouncy/live feel they use elasticity - there are tutorials on elasticity and such here:

That wil help you creat that bouncy movement. There is also a second part to that tutorial that you should check out. Hope this helps get you started!


You can get the effect with tweens, but as Ryall said, it can be scripted. Use the spring tutorial, play on the scale with 100 as the reference point, if you see what I mean.

pom :asian:

ok…thanks for your help peeps :slight_smile: