Please Helpme in Textual Presentation Malfunction..... :(

please. I need some help to make a ¨textual¨ presentation titles,

i need to animate over 25 different titles in the same way, with the same effect, simulating a blur fading and crazy movements…

i make a little animation (keyframe structure)…
First…-> New_symbol_graphic , name it master_anim…
I work in a multilayer effects layout that reference to another symbol (the symbol is a 1 layer that have the master text)

at this point… all is correct.

i duplicated the symbol master_anim… and renamed it with the second name.
i put the new symbol on stage… and change the text…
… ooops… the master animation in the library… changed too with the new name!

I don´t know how to make this. i need a work arround… please

I tried to make a ¨moves and fades effect library¨ to assign to any kind of text, like the jaleo software or like the after fx( an effect oriented… not an object oriented).
my work is a presentation in the style of the old´s flying logos in the clossings titles of movies. in this case … i say… fading logos…:slight_smile:

My email is: j r n 1 0 6 8 @ a i r t e l . n e t
icq# : 10112207
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thanks in advance.
P.D.: Excuse my poor english

why not tween a movie that contains a dynamic text box? then you could have one movie clip for each effect and all you would have to do is assign a value to the text box.

thanks jeremy for the soony answer. i´ll try this later, now i go to sleep. :slight_smile:

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check out SWFx if its just text…