Please solve my problem

Hello Rajesh,

Thanks for ur reply. Sorry, I could not understand ur explanation.

I explain u clearly abt my problem. I designed a flash website for realestate client.** I have saved my work & the related images in folder named as realestate.** I have created buttons in banner part.

The client has some big images related to his projects. He said that if a user clicks on the button named as enlarge view etc. The related image should get opened in new window(eg. like when we click on any thumnail image, the related image gets open in new window).

So, i need a clear code to display the image in new window without any fuss. So please understand my problem & do reply me as soon as possible.

Note: Do u have Gtalk? This is b’coz i can conversate with u online. Also do give me ur Email ID.