Please Tell Me How To Submit A Tutorial


I’m interested in posting an updated Tut on Flash/PHP/MySQL integration as the tutorial on Kirupa is not working and has been causing people a lot of hassles for a long time. I got it working a while back and would like to post a new tut that covers this sort of integration effectively, in a properly explained and commented form with readable code, and would also like to show how otherwise to achieve the same effects using somewhat different methods than the ones Omega used in his original (bug-riddled) tut.

Please mods, if anyone is at all interested I would like to post this on Kirupa for the benefit of the community. So far I can frankly say it isn’t very encouraging trying to offer up a tut for approval to go onto the site. There’s no detail about it anywhere.

Thanks and please help me to help this site and thus the great community at

Kind Regards,