PLZ check this out

I started using flash about 8 months ago and after 3,785 Gallons of Mountain Dew I Designed my first site .
It’s for a brazilian store in Cape Cod so for now it’s still in Portuguese but you shouldn’t have a problem with the menu
main features : Jr Productions->> 2 foto gallerys developed with xml
Bate Papo >> is a chat room (php/mysql) … you have to register to login(:sigh: but I would really apreciate some feedback

PS: I have learned A ALOT from this site, thanks to everybody who contributes

Ok I’ve been criticized for being harsh lately so I want you to understand before I go on that what ever I comment on is to help you so please keep that in mind.

  1. I can tell that you’ve spent a lot of time on this site and put in a lot of effort so I’ll give you credit for that, but the problem here is you’re throwing in too much effects to the point where it’s just too busy and it looks unprofessional.

  2. I like your layout because it has potential, I think you should think of a consistent color scheme and stick with it. What you have now is very colorful which isn’t too bad, the only parts that seem odd is the green header and the blue/black gradient background.

  3. Your “In” transitions are cool, but I think it would also be nice to have a “Out” transition too. What I mean by that is when I click on the new section, it just switches over and play the “In” transition. What I would like to see is when I click on a new section, a “Out” transition plays then a “In” transitions plays. I hope you know what I’m talking about.

Your site isn’t too bad at all, it just needs some more minor adjustments and it should be great. Good job so far. =)