Plz help me with this flash submit form

Dear Friends,

i tried tuts and other script and came up with this form. In this form everything goes well bt where i m stuck up is my php file does not mail data to the given email add. Flash properly submit data to php files bt i m not getting mail. I’ve tried to send it on other email add also bt not getting mail.

I am writing following code in my php file.

$sendTo = “[email protected]”;
$subject = “Online Enquiry”;
$name_field = $_POST[‘name’];
$email_field = $_POST[‘email’];
$company_field = $_POST[‘company’];
$add1_field = $_POST[‘add1’];
$add2_field = $_POST[‘add2’];
$add3_field = $_POST[‘add3’];
$groundspices_field = $_POST[‘ch1’];
$blendedpices_field = $_POST[‘ch2’];
$asafoetidaspices_field = $_POST[‘ch3’];
$msg = $_POST[‘message’];

$body = “Name: $name_field
Email: $email_field
Company: $company_field
Add1: $add1_field
Add2: $add2_field
Add3: $add3_field
GroundSpice: $groundspices_field
BlendedSpice: $blendedpices_field
Asafoetida: $asafoetidaspices_field
Message: $msg”;

mail($sendTo, $subject, $body);

Many thx in advance for your time and comments.