Plz help!

Does enyone has the font Kristen ITC?
Or could you give me a link for free download? :beer:

Im guessing you couldn’t be bothered even looking around just alittle.

> Click Here <

And then hunt it down yourself. :flower:

Just for the record, I looked for it, but I found it only with pay… :h:
Thanks for the link :sure:

Its okay. Im just in a funny mood tonight. That link has hours worth of browsing so that should keep you happy for a while.

The ideea is I need the font by tomorow, so I realy need help… :jail:

If you have to pay for it, that is what you are going to have to do. What you are asking is a small form of warez request. And warez request in a capacity is forbidden. I mean come on man if you need it that bad, that means it is worth the 19 bucks or so.

i agree nathan, i dont understand why for the past couple of months we have been getting so many font request in the forums, i never really thought about kirupaforum as a place for fonts.

and its obvious we dont tolorate piracy or warez here so it baffles me why people persist.