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i have posted 1-2 threads before about this… but i didnt really get a straight answer. so PLZ help this noob :smiley:

Q1. Special effects…(blinking…fading…) of website template when it’s being loaded to the page, is it scripting or just a movieclip?

Q2. Is there a way to have more than one preloader on a page… like one for top-navigator, one for main screen, one for bottom menu… and how?

It will be really nice of you if you can make a sample fla and post it… or just answer my questions. Thanx guys! PLZ help this noob !

Q1. Yes, it might be a movie clip.

Blinking effects: i suppose u juz need to turn the image into all white (u can set it to speed up less than 1 sec) and then turn back to the original image.

Fading effect: this one is easy, just set the alpha into 0% for fading out, and 100% to fading in

Q2. Yes, u can have more than one preloader. But the way i know is make the top, bottom, center frame into separate pieces of swf. And use dreamweaver to align them up for the layout. Then by this way u can make each a preloader. I think there should have a more easier way to do so, but that i have no idea.

Hope this help!

thanx man! i appreciate it:)

hey mirinl, can you make an example fla for blink? i try to do it but it doesnt look right… so if you have time can you just make a simple website template and put blink effect? and post the fla here ? thanx! :smiley:

It’s hard to match 2advanced… Just try hard and do your best :slight_smile:

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hehe :smiley: i kno i kno, im not trying to match with 2A :smiley: i cant match 2A :smiley: thanx for the advice n e waz :slight_smile:

ilyaslamasse, hey do you kno how to add blink effect to site template? if you can, can you make an example fla for me

To make something blink? Fill the object, and delete the fill every other frame. That’s the simple blink. Increasing the frame rate may help. Then you can try to use subtle motion tweens…

pom :asian:

hi, I’ve juz made one simple fla for blinking effect. As u see, i set the frame rate at 40 fps (quite high), so people could hardly see what i inserted there for blinking. Actually i just mask it out in white (same as background color)!

Hope this help!

And of course, u can add stop(); at the end to undo the looping. :slight_smile:

thanx man! :slight_smile: