PNG's similar to JPEG's?

Hey, just to double check something really stupid… If I make a PNG and import it into flash with it still show up to everyone who views the site like it would a JPEG? I.E, theres no plugin or anything required for your average user to view them… is there?

as long as they have ie 5 or higher i know you don’t need a plug in to view them unless mine came iwht that plug in already installed, not sure about firefox though because you need a plug in to veiw javascript in it, so the same may apply to ceratin picture types, but i am very doubtful of that

O.K, thanks for that. If anyone know’s otherwise can you please give me a shout either here or at [email protected]

Cheers, J

if your importing graphics into flash you only need a flash player to view it, it dosent matter what browser you have, this is only the matter when you place png’s on a html page. For the record png is a loseless (no compression) while jpeg is a compressed format.