Point me in the right direction: spot the difference

Hi Guys,

I have a uni assignment to create something in flash and i’ve chosen to do a (what i thought was simple) spot the difference game.

although i could make it very simple i am more interested in making it as random as possible. i’ve been reading up alot on randomising, arrays, etc but am at a loss on where to start exactly.

these are the things i’ve thought of:

  • images are going to be 400x300px in size, which are all divided into a grid of 50x50px which makes 48 grid squares.

  • each image has 25 differences but only 5 will be chosen at any one time. (which obviously means 25^5, if i worked it out correctly, its over 9 million combinations)

so far i have made a flash file where grid squares are automatically duplicated and aligned each square has within it an empty movieclip of where an image can be loaded into.

can anyone help me what how i would look at doing this? so far i have something to generate 5 random numbers between a range of 0 to 25.

how would i get the random numbers it generates and load it into the correct grid square so the images will not look out of whack?

i’m sure u all know what a spot the difference game looks like! :smirk: but: